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SmilingFool (Chapter 34) - Tue 04 Jul 2023

Oh wow Naraku I can understand her worry about him that's one spider that likes to creep up on people when they least expect it....  So I wonder is it truly a nightmare or a vision?  they don't need that thing to reappear he'd just cause more havoc...  LOL At least Sesshomaru seems to enjoy having her as pack wonder what they would do if Inu Yasha shows up....  Yikes...  anyways I loved the updates way to cool.

SmilingFool (Chapter 33) - Tue 04 Jul 2023

Oh you're such a tease....  lol

SmilingFool (Chapter 32) - Tue 04 Jul 2023

Oh my gosh you're spoiling me with all these fantastic chapters....  I love them...  thank you Zodiak023

SmilingFool (Chapter 30) - Mon 03 Jul 2023

Oh so good I loved both chapters at least Sesshomaru didn't kill them for the information they told him in a way I think Sesshomaru always liked Kagome but never acted upon it but I think now he will...  And inu Yasha be damned....  LOL I really enjoyed reading these chapters....  Thank you...

SmilingFool (Chapter 28) - Mon 03 Jul 2023

Oh such a wonderful chapter loved it.....  Can't wait to read what Sesshomaru thinks when he sees Kagome, Mizuki and the gang....  It will be a shock to his system to know he bedded the miko...  Let alone hear her tale.

SmilingFool (Chapter 27) - Tue 04 Apr 2023

No way they had to hide to get to the well. I understand but man what will happen when past meets future yokai or if they do. Can't wait to find out....

SmilingFool (Chapter 26) - Sun 02 Apr 2023

Ahhh so sweet..... Zodiak023 that was a chapter well done.....  Loved how Granny H wanted to spoil Shippo.....  I love it  This was a wonderful first meeting....  And tempting with food between Sesshomaru and Kagome...  That's one for the books.

SmilingFool (Chapter 25) - Sat 01 Apr 2023

A nice chapter.....  Poor Mizuki has to eat pigeon but no sweets of her own...  Oh how cruel Kagome can be....  LOL  Loved it.

SmilingFool (Chapter 24) - Thu 30 Mar 2023

LOL that was good.....  Poor Shippo being yokai with the sense of smell must have been horrid to hear about Sesshomaru and his mother having sex....  LOL so so cruel but I loved it.  Mizuki/Rin always wanted her mom/Kagome to find someone to love and love her back even if it is Sesshomaru....  Which she caught Sesshomaru in a terrible lie.....  LOL Kids are smart when it comes to knowing about sex and with who.

SmilingFool (Chapter 23) - Thu 30 Mar 2023

Wow you wrote a lemon just wow and its way better than mine...  Yeah I'm really dead in that department but this chapter was good and dare I say hot....  Man had to put on the fan.... well not really but the air conditioner would probably be better.  lol  Gotta say they finally did the deed after throwing hints and the temptations..... Loved the update 

cristinPacheco8 (Chapter 22) - Tue 07 Mar 2023

Madremia tienes un monton de historias y casi todas sin terminar y empiezas otras y así te juntas co 41 historias y lo malo que son muy buenas pero las tienes muertas de risa y olvidadas en vez de empezar otra termina las empezadas como por ejemplo {la princesa del norte } {Aprende amar de nuevo }{Un paso adelante tres pasos atras} y muchas mas que son muy buenas espero que actualices algunas

SmilingFool (Chapter 21) - Mon 06 Mar 2023

This was a good chapter at least Sota got his grudge for Sesshomaru burned out now only if Inu Yasha were there then he'd have a field day screaming and kicking him in the shins.....  Well they are having a good time... I wonder what Kagome has for Sesshomaru?  Could it be his old clothes?  Or perhaps Tetsusaiga?  Can't wait to read more.

SmilingFool (Chapter 20) - Sat 04 Mar 2023

This was a fun and cute chapter I loved it....

kaoruhana (Chapter 15) - Sun 30 May 2021

I can't wait to read what happens when they go back.. And how will Mizuki handle things?  Will she see any more ghosts?  

Good job.  

kaoruhana (Chapter 5) - Sun 30 May 2021

Ah, I'm worries for Mizuki because of the jewel!  I hope Kagome and Sesshomaru can go back into the past to protect her! 

kaoruhana (Chapter 4) - Sun 30 May 2021

So this is a unique story, and I do like some parts of it such as Rin being reincarnated as Kagome's child.  The first chapter was a little confusing to read because I couldn't who was speaking the dialogue, and it took me a little bit to figure that out since you jumped around, but never really explained who was speaking to whom. I also am wondering why you choose to avoid the word "said" in your writing?  

Now off to read the rest.  

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 15) - Sat 29 May 2021
Nice chapter.

SmilingFool (Chapter 14) - Sat 29 May 2021

Wow its been a while since you posted an update glad you did meanial tasks and dressing down can always be fun...  lol loved it.  Can't wait till they start training.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 14) - Sat 29 May 2021
Great story.

SmilingFool (Chapter 10) - Sat 06 Mar 2021

That was a nice chapter well done update soon.

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