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Miss C (Chapter 12) - Tue 20 Feb 2024

When will there be another update?

Elizabeth (Chapter 12) - Fri 16 Feb 2024

Please, please, PLEASE come back and continue this story! 

Sess2023 (Chapter 12) - Sun 19 Mar 2023

Loving the story!

REDWOLF (Chapter 12) - Wed 15 Mar 2023


KShadeslady (Chapter 12) - Mon 13 Mar 2023

You knew she would worry. RME should have sent a text! 

Madam_CocoNut (Chapter 12) - Sun 12 Mar 2023

Love the pinky promise at the end! 

Jennifer (Chapter 12) - Sat 11 Mar 2023

AWWWWWWW. I love that ending! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 11) - Sat 25 Feb 2023

That was one heck of an awesome chapter! So much going on between them and more to come. Thank you for this long lovely update. 

Anonymous (Chapter 11) - Fri 24 Feb 2023

It is good to know that Sesshomaru and Kagome are getting along.  I'm glad that Sesshomaru is opening up about his past and how he had to do things on his own when he was young to provide for his mother and their staff.  I'm not liking Touga very much.  It seems he does not want to  listen or care about how Sesshomaru feels about the blind dates. 

REDWOLF (Chapter 11) - Fri 24 Feb 2023

Inuyasha makes me sick! He is so babied! He should be ashamed of himself, always listening in secret! I wish Seshoumaru would just tell his father to just shove it up his butt! Poor Sesshoumaru always has to take second to everything because his father is a low life! Nice update!

Jennifer (Chapter 11) - Fri 24 Feb 2023

How ridiculous of Touga! Once again proving he bever listens to others. I can't wait to see the decision Sesshomaru makes. Hopefully its to somehow build his own company and continue pursuing Kagome properly. Update soon!

Anonymous (Chapter 11) - Fri 24 Feb 2023

¿Por qué pasó esto?

Sess ya había decidido que cortejaría a Kag antes de que hablara con su padre.

Pero ahora parecerá que lo hace solo por interés en no perder su herencia.

Y estoy segura que Kag se enterará de todo mediante Inuyasha.

Espero que Sess se le adelante. Porque aún si él le hace pensar que es solo una estrategia para ganarle a su padre al menos no se molestará con él por engañarla. Y partiendo de ahí puede persuadir de que desea más que un simple arreglo. Si sería engañarla momentáneamente pero al final la sorpresa sería grata y no decepcionante.

Jennifer (Chapter 10) - Thu 16 Feb 2023

I love this story!!! I am so happy Sesshomaru had the epiphany to make Kagome his mate!!! I can't wait for more! Update soon please!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 10) - Thu 16 Feb 2023

Yessssssssss, better give my girl the commitment she deserves!! Interested in seeing what happens next!

Marie (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 Feb 2023

Well that surprised me! ???? 

REDWOLF (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 Feb 2023

How romantic!

KShadeslady (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 Feb 2023

BA-DUM! YAH!! Looking forward to seeing how he wins her. That was a wonderful long chapter! 

Buttercream (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 Feb 2023

Awesome chapter.  I'm glad he decided to court Kagome.

Anonymous (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 Feb 2023

Y Sess no se va rendir ni va a perder.

hw (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 Feb 2023

I'm so excited to see where this story goes and how Sesshoumaru courts Kagome! It's fun seeing how he adapts to her and discovers things about himself as well. Will Kagome realize that he's serious about being with her or will it take a lot of effort on his part to make her see and let go of her insecurities? Can't wait for the next chapter!

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