Careful What You Wish For. by Dlat


A.N. Hey Guys, sorry it's been a while. I PROMISE more regular updates are coming. I've been in a bad place mentally for the past couple years, and honestly I still am. But I am determined to pull myself out of this. 

“Alright, listen up!” Kagome said, glaring down at the silent well. Today is my 28th birthday and you are GOING to let me see my friends. It’s been five years! I miss them.”

The well sat silent of course, the dark quietness seeming to suck in the very air around her. She had tried, really tried, to live out her life in Tokyo. She truly had. She’d said goodbye after the final battle and come home, tears streaming down her face, but honestly feeling she was making the right decision. She’d gone back to school, struggling through night classes to get her high school diploma from an online school while she thought about what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. The trouble was, there wasn’t a huge demand for a fully trained miko in Tokyo.

But, she had tried. She’d tried everything from waitressing to teaching archery at the shrine. Nothing really fit. No matter what she tried, her mind kept returning to the feudal era. She missed the forest, the village, and most of all, her friends. So, finally, she’d decided once and for all that she was going to go home. She’d said goodbye to her family, who’d surprised her by handing her her yellow backpack, fully stocked and ready to go.

So now, here she was, ready to jump. The only problem was, she’d tried this before. A few weeks after her final trip to the future, she’d come across Shippou’s coloring books and tried to take them to him…but the well had remained silent. She’d laid at the bottom of the well and cried until her Grandfather had found her hours later.

This time though, she was determined. She’d secretly been practicing for weeks, honing her energies and trying to funnel them into the well. And amazingly, it seemed to have worked! It was very slight, but she could feel the well’s energy flickering around her. All she had to do, was jump.

So that’s just what she did.


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