The Barrier Between us by kanie

Part 1





Lord Toga walking could see his younger son fighting the prince of the east. They seem to have been getting along even though they bicker. Jaken Toga Assistant butter something about the prince always being rash. " What did you say Jaken?" 

" N...Nothing my lord"

Toga rolled his eyes and continued his walk around the yard " how is Sesshomaru doing?"

" well sir, Prince Sesshomaru, has been locked up in his studies after waking up"

Intrigue Toga stops " and why is it?"

" I don't know my lord"

Toga knew his older son was purposely trying to avoid him. Ever since his mother left, he never gave him time to grieve, but instead bought another woman to fill that role for him. Walking in the Halls, He remembered the look on young Sesshomaru's face.

Sesshomaru watched as his mother's carriage left, and another appeared. His eight-year-old eyes widened, when a Human woman, carrying a four-year-old hanyou came down. She smiled at him while shaking her son. Sesshomaru in tears stares at her. He could smell his father on her, betrayal, anger, and denial were written on his face.  His teeth grew, and his nails sharpen. He was ready to attack the human, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. 

" That's enough son, enough" he heard before he felt the tight squeeze on his shoulder blade. 

Looking at his father, he bowed his head and walked away in shame. After the human princess came to stay  with them, Sesshomaru isolated himself for a long time.

Toga now looking at his son's door, sighs before walking away.

Elsewhere, Kagome, a young girl is seen coming back from college. Putting her key away, she tosses her shoe, and pulls her hair down. She complains about school, while making her way upstairs. See, ever since she graduated, she decided to get a job and live on her own. It wasn't too far from her shrine, just enough to have her freedom. Taking her uniform off, she cursed at the boys that dirtied her shirt.

She recalled one of the shaggy hair boys named Riku bumping into her, but demanded she apologize like he was some kind of King. When she refuses, his friends push her, causing her to fall. They then mention a mark on her body and try to move her shirt to see it. Panicking, she kicked Riku on his knee and ran. 

Sighing, Kagome realized that wasn't the best course of action, who knew what will happen to her tomorrow. " Uhr! Why did I do that, now I'm gonna be targeted by him"

Grabbing her things, she puts her glasses down and walks to the bathroom. She opens to enter but stops. Before she stood, a tall man, well she assumed he was. Pale-like powder with the most beautiful feature. He was busy examining her tub. She gasps when he turns to look at her in confusion, before turning his attention back on her tub. 

Kagome, back in her senses, screams. It was so loud that the Man in her bathroom stopped what he was doing, and ran to cover her mouth, but when his hand passed-through, that was when Kagome's eyes rolled at the back of her head and fell unconscious. Her last thought before going into dream land was Ghost.

Sesshomaru looked at the naked human on the floor, he was surprised himself. He wondered why he would dream of a human. He had no interest in them, or even wanted to be in the same room as them, so why, why dream of a human in the worst way possible. Glaring at her a little longer, he decided to walk over her and look around some more. 



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