Cold Not Heartless by RedDestiny92

Prologue - Long Time No See

A/N: I was looking for changes to the rules I believe I'm alright if I can't change anything with plot switch ups so to speak I'll just pop it up here. I also make no promises for the exact rating but just to be careful. I only have oc's if really needed, just for something different for me.


Kagome sighed scrolling through her phone as she wandered the streets of Tokyo having only gotten back a short time ago, not even a day, she felt even more lost and confused with each step. The internet age had really changed, she didn't live under a rock to think such things it just came to perspective, remembering when just logging into anything was an hour or more of suffering when all you had was a computer.

To robots serving coffee.

She glanced at the street sign noticing some more robots almost human like yet with solid gray metal skin working alongside construction workers, kids and adults enjoying the use of low hanging hoverboards, to the billboards flashing directions in the form of pretty girls or other attractive idols. Things were busy but not, different yet the same, crossing the street she eyed a man and woman walking hand in hand each carrying several bags. The woman was fairly pretty bright blue hair giving away her heritage as they stopped for him to answer a call she rested a clawed hand on her distended belly he made kissy faces at her pretending to care about the other person on the end as much as he could. She noticed a few other couples with hanyous making up a half but it was interesting.

Rather than something to be afraid of.

Turning away she continued on her way pausing by an alley she saw one that wouldn't have a screen or otherwise, he was frail, green, wearing tattered jeans and a torn shirt. He turned his head as she walked over to him she didn't consider herself a savior or anything she had just had enough days feeling as empty as he probably did and it was hard to ignore. She handed him a few bills, too much, just right, she didn't know but she offered a smile and nothing more. She didn't care if people thought he was only going to drink or if he actually did she could tell, sense even that he genuinely just down on his luck and could really use a hot meal and maybe a night or two in a hotel, maybe more. It just didn't matter if it helped she would be glad. A smile came to her pink lips hearing him rushing past trashcans to call out to her his thanks, looking back she watched him wipe tears away, she didn't need to see it she just knew she was right, that made her smile more. Even if it was sad to see so many differences then find someone moved to tears knowing they were going to eat tonight. She would have to check on him again, just one more time she bet she could guess his size.

Finally reaching her destination, a movie theater she moved to shoot out a quick text.

Scrolling past the 'How was America?' 'Did you eat a lot?' 'Did you meet someone?' walls she had been assaulted with while waiting she huffed.

It took a minute, she knew her mother loved her but reading different variations of those question in different lengths with the only breaks being how life was for her and offers to introduce her to so and was just a bit much.

Most would assume she'd go right home to stop getting those messages but with her mother traveling beside her father, and grandfather this was a small price to pay, even if annoying. She wasn't about to meet them in Jamaica to be given the speech version of the messages either, she leaned against the smooth wall, it was warm enough but cold for Summer it was late in the season aside from different couples, and inventions no less, weather seemed to shift rapidly with the demons around as well. She couldn't really remember how normal things had been in the past exactly but there was a feeling there that one thing or another was off. It didn't matter she didn't care much for cold but her dark ripped jeans and oversized purple cotten top with the belly bearing addition and long sleeves were fine.  She tugged at her braid  she had grown out her hair quite a bit in the past few years and tied up she pulled it over her shoulder to let it fall to to her slender waist. She pulled her silvery sunglasses off hoping if her face was a little clearer she would be seen more easily.

Staring at her deep purple  manicure she chewed her lip, frowning at the bitter taste remembering she wore a deep magenta lipstick she no doubt messed up.

Tossing her phone in her bag she took out her compact to fix it she felt what must be her hundredth sigh coming up as she went about her business but quickly tilted her head to avoid a soccer ball as it went for her head. Rolling her eyes  she dropped her cosmetics in her bag and put her hands on her hips sending a dirty look to the boy staring back at her, well he wasn't much of a boy anymore but she would no doubt knock his teeth out like his was.

He grinned, baby face long gone he looked much more the young adult she expected she would have never seen again hair neat, dressed to the nines like an idol to be in jeans and an oversized red, black and white jacket  easily making single passing ladies, do a double take. He wasn't the same kid and she was proud of him at least for that...even if she wanted to kill him just a bit.

He braced himself as she kicked it back before rushing forward he stopped up holding up his fists gripping a bouquet of assorted flowers, she huffed as her smile returned.

"Welcome back sis."

"Yeah yeah....that's real sweet and all but you do that again and I swear you'll go missing." he laughed as she gave him a hug swallowing the lump in his throat finally she was back he missed her and she didn't need to know how much.

He was still her kid brother after all.



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