House of the Setting Sun by Azuka




Word Count: 100

Prompted by: Love

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any striped poison claws; to any dog-ears, any fox-tails, two-tails, sutra's, bone-weapons or sacred arrows... No subjugation beads were used in the making of this production.




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It was prevalent, as steadfast as his own resolve. Elusive and strange, and yet contrary and transparent. Her face broadcast her emotions as swiftly, and vibrantly as her scent and body language. So open and yet so... Unfamiliar

He had never seen a creature so full of contrary polarities.

Soft but strong; fragile but enduring against even the foulest of odds.

Feminie one moment, crass and vulgar the next. Largely attributed to the whelps influence, no doubt.

Her choice in wording was startlingly astute and educated, and yet seemed to vacillate and flounder on decorum and etiquette. 

Mysterious indeed.


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