Uncharted Territory by Chiaztolite


A/N: The idea was conceived during one of the riotous conversations on Discord channel. This fic is not meant to be taken seriously. Hopefully, it will give you a bit of a cackle. Romance will come somewhere down the road. Due to the highly sexual nature of the theme, Kagome is aged up to 20 years old instead of 18. Enjoy!


The inu daiyōkai Sesshōmaru had always concerned himself only with his goal of Supreme Conquest. Since he was a young pup, his main objective in life had always been to find the strongest creature, battle it, and triumph.

Distractions had no place in his life.

He was immune to the charms of the opposite sex. Females, pretty or otherwise, did not interest him. When it came to sex, he never found it arousing or necessary. It always seemed so base, messy, and even disgusting to him. An act that should be reserved only for animals, not a higher being such as he.

His motives in life were loftier than slaking his base desires. Too many male daiyōkai had fallen prey to such entrapments. His father, for example, had not been satisfied with one female, thus he took another one, whom he bred and impregnated, resulting in his hanyō half-brother.

Sesshōmaru scoffed inwardly. How ridiculous.

He simply could not understand how a male yōkai at the top of his tier could be brought down so low by something as mundane as the pleasures of the flesh.

This afternoon, Sesshōmaru set out to visit Rin in the village. He was flying, Jaken behind him, following the course of the wind towards his destination. Closer to the village, he saw that said half-brother sitting atop a grassy hill with a familiar-looking woman. She had silky-looking raven hair and eyes the colour of the brilliant cerulean Eastern Seas.

Just thinking about her irked him, somewhat, though for the life of him, he could not determine why. He had thought she was gone forever. She was first swallowed by the Shikon jewels. Then afterwards, Inuyasha mentioned she returned to some strange world from whence she came.

Her disappearance had him relieved, as her presence always perturbed him. It roused strange, inexplicable feelings inside him. Now, seeing her here and back in his vicinity, her sight aggravated him even further.

“Oh, look, Sesshōmaru-sama,” Jaken piped from somewhere along his fur. “It’s Kagome.”

Kagome. He strived to ignore her, keeping his eyes trained on the blue of the ether sprawled before him and the white fluff of clouds dotting his vision. He reminded himself that he had a larger goal to fulfill, a quest he had worked for all his life. He would not let himself be distracted by a pair of eyes that just happened to be pretty.

But. Just as he finished that thought, something unexpected happened to his body. Something he simply could not ignore. It was a perturbing change that set dark claws of disquiet and confusion to grip his heart.

A certain part of his anatomy stirred to life. It had laid soft and flaccid throughout the centuries of his existence, unbothered and uninterested in anyone. Many female demons had tried to tempt and entice him, yet his organ had never stirred.

Now, it was rampant with inexplicable vigour.

He did not understand. Why now?

And… why her?

His body did not care about these musings. It pumped blood to that lump of flesh and made it hard and long. It now roused to attention, swelling to a proportion he had never seen or felt before on himself. He felt the urge to adjust himself and yet he could not possibly do so in such a public setting. 

And that vexing woman, oblivious to the discomfort she was causing this Sesshōmaru, looked up at him with a bright, cheerful smile, and yelled out:


Sesshōmaru was so perturbed by the change in his body that he hardly caught her words. He scowled at her nonetheless.

Looking at her might have been a mistake. That tumescent flesh hardened even more and practically pulsed at the sight of her face, the sound of her voice, and the undeniably mouth-watering scent the breeze carried to his nose.

Suddenly, Sesshōmaru had a sinking feeling that his life was about to change dramatically.

This would not do.


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