The Doubleganger by Chiaztolite


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Princess Tsukuyomi’s lacquered claws drummed on the armrest of her ornate throne as she glared at the uninvited visitor.

Early morning mist still shrouded her palace when he arrived shortly after dawn. None of her servants had known what to do with him. They had been afraid — those cowards, and thus they had retreated into the servant’s quarters after they showed him to the open-air terrace and informed her of his arrival. 

She had arrived to greet him and was struck dumb by his appearance. Looking at him was disconcerting, at the very least. Chill ran down her spine at first glance of those crimson eyes and the jagged markings on his face.

However, the court training her parents instilled in her was deeply rooted, ingrained in her bones, and thus her hospitality never wavered. First, she called for a high-backed chair for him to sit on and instructed her servants to position it across her throne. Then, she had offered him the finest yōkai-brewed saké any mortal could obtain. But he declined and demanded tea instead.


Not just any tea, but one brewed from the leaves of an extremely rare bush grown only on the peak of a distant mountain. To obtain it, she would have to send her fastest servant, and then the leaves still had to be dried and roasted before they were steeped in scalding hot water to revive it once more.

In short, even with their yōkai powers, it would take some time before tea was served. When she warned him of this fact, he lifted a shoulder in a shrug and languidly said:

“I have time.”

Princess Tsukuyomi sighed before she called a servant and instructed him to fetch the aforementioned leaves for their guest’s tea.

Alone with him, the female daiyōkai fidgeted, a little disarmed as she sat in her gilded, upholstered throne. She stared at her guest, who was so still he could be a statue carved from stone.

“How does my son fare?” She finally asked when the silence had become too oppressing.

“He fares well,” her visitor replied. “He is sleeping.”

At her skeptical gaze, he flashed a grin and added: “Peacefully.”

Princess Tsukuyomi pursed her lips and continued to study her guest.

The male sitting in front of her might look like her son, but she was not fooled. Sesshōmaru's beast reigned over his consciousness at the moment.

Physically, he looked like Sesshōmaru, because he was Sesshōmaru – at least half of him, and they shared the same body. His eyes, however, were crimson instead of gold, even though the red did not overtake the whites of his sclera but was contained to his irises. His markings also had lost their smooth appearance and turned slightly jagged.

How interesting. Most beasts, even when manifested into their own flesh and blood, would not be verbal, let alone possess a firm grasp on the language. They would be no more than drooling, starving, rampaging creatures, acting solely on base instincts, only one step higher than animals.

But, Sesshōmaru’s beast was not merely verbal. He was articulate and eloquent. He even seemed… intelligent, and capable of plotting.

Just then, a maid arrived bearing the tray of tea. Amused, Princess Tsukuyomi witness the beast accept the cup and bring it to his nose, sniffing its content as though to confirm it was indeed the tea he had ordered.

Sesshōmaru was so advanced, even his beast was cultured.

This was perhaps the most irrefutable proof that her son was indeed the most powerful yōkai in the lands, and had exceeded his father.

“Not that I do not enjoy our morning… interlude,” Princess Tsukuyomi said after the maid finished serving their beverages. “What is the purpose of your visit, precisely? I very much doubt this is a social call.”

“I have grown wearied—“ The beast said. “— of your son’s stubbornness in denying his attraction towards a certain female.

Princess Tsukuyomi’s brows arched with interest. “Oh? Who is this female you speak of?”

“The Shikon Miko, Higurashi Kagome.”

The Princess squinted. The name sounded familiar.

“He knows the miko is perfect for him. And his beast—“ A knowing smile curled upon those lips. “Well, I know she is perfect for him. For us. Yet, he denies his urges and my councils, and has resigned himself to seeing her only occasionally at the village while he visits his ward.”

Princess Tsukuyomi mulled over this information. As interesting as it was, she still failed to see the purpose of this visit.

“Well. What would you have me do?” She asked.

“I have a plan to further their relationship, but it will require your assistance.”

“Oh? How so?”

“I need you to cast the Doubling spell.”

Princess Tsukuyomi let out a burst of surprised laughter. She brought her sleeve to her lips and chuckled.

Doubling spell? You jest,” she said before sipping her tea delicately. “The use of that spell is forbidden. During the days of the warring clans, we utilized it to double our numbers during battle. Quite a handy spell, truthfully. Separate the yōkai from their beasts, and suddenly, one gets twice the amount of an army.”

Beast Sesshōmaru arched a silver eyebrow. “Surely, as the highest-ranked matron of the inuyōkai clan, you have no issue with making an exception for your only son.”

“Frankly, Beast, I do not see the need.”

“It has been ten years since the Shikon Miko returned to the Plains of Musashi,” said the beast calmly, though there was an edge of steel in his tone. “At least eight years since your son felt the first stirrings of affection towards her. Even when he knew she was the perfect mate for us, he made no move to claim her.”

“Eight years is but a blink of an eye for us, as you must know, Beast,” she said haughtily. 

Princess Tsukuyomi sniffed and flicked an imaginary fluff off the knee of her kimono before those lacquered fingers returned to their rhythmic tapping on the arm of her throne.

“Give Sesshōmaru the time he needs to make a decision,” she told the beast.

“Hnn. If your son had not been so foolishly stubborn, you would have grand-pups already. At least four.” He paused to cast a sad, lingering look around the massive, empty terrace before he inclined his head to sip his tea.

Then, he lifted a shoulder, casually commenting: “How lonely it must be to live here by yourself with nary a visitor to occupy your days. Your mate deceased, and your son independent.”

The movements of her claws promptly stopped as she narrowed her eyes on him. Was it just her imagination, or did he sound… pitying, just now?

She knew her son could be cheeky, but she did not expect his beast to be even more so.

Princess Tsukuyomi leaned back on her throne to mull over the beast’s words. The Shikon Miko, Kagome.

Sesshōmaru had indeed spoken about the priestess in previous conversations. Briefly mentioned in passing, perhaps, though her son had never willingly spoken about any other females, ever.

The fact that the miko’s name slipped past his lips should not be overlooked. It was quite momentous, all things considered.

Still, Princess Tsukuyomi thought as she tilted her head slightly from side to side. A human as a mate? She tapped her claw on the wood again as she continued to muse. Well, times were changing after all. There had even been whispers amongst the yōkai nobles that alliances with humans were necessary, lest their species died out completely.

Something inside her, a yearning she had tried to futilely suppress over the last few years, resurfaced without warning.

At least four grand-pups…

She wanted to growl at his son’s beast for successfully identifying her soft spot, but she suppressed the urge for the sake of pleasantries. Instead, the Princess inclined her head and sighed.

“Fine. I will perform the spell for you.”

The beast smiled slightly, as though he had known before his arrival that he would have his way.

With a brief annoyance, the Princess thought: what a haughty, overconfident, cheeky beast. But then, she promptly reminded herself that those words could also describe her son.

She stared at the dredges of the amber liquid left behind at the bottom of her cup. Then, she took the porcelain pot and lifted the lid. A tendril of steam wafted from within; the fragrance of roasted tea leaves filled the air.

The Princess covered the opening of the pot with her hand, and exerted her power. Seconds later, bright green light emanated from her palm. Her lips moved as she quietly chanted the series of ancient words that would infuse the tea with her spell. The liquid absorbed the green glow before it gradually diminished, leaving the tea in its original amber colour.

The Princess transferred the pot's content into a vial and held it between her painted, manicured fingers.

“I have infused this tea with the enchantment you require to carry out your plan,” she said, handing the vial over to him. “It is a mad idea. But, since you insisted this is for my son’s happiness, I conceded.”

She gave him an arched look. “This spell will last only for one night. Make it count, Beast.”

He grinned briefly before he rose to his feet, flashing a series of pearl-white teeth, a set of razor-sharp fangs.

“I always do,” he said.

Princess Tsukuyomi eyed the beast from head to toe. The early morning mist had cleared, revealing blue skies dotted with clouds. The sun bathed the stone terrace with wide slants of light, casting golden sheen upon her son’s long silver hair.

She reached into the box she kept at her side and tossed a small vial of light green liquid, which the beast caught readily.

“Take this too,” the Princess said. She gave him an arched look; lips twitching into a meaningful smile.

“If your scheme goes according to plan, the little miko will surely need it before the night is through.”


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