Rose Clippings by Sereia


Snarls could be heard throughout the night, Emiko holding her two daughters close as they shuddered in fear.

"What is it, Mama?" Kagome asked, sneaking a glance toward the snow-covered window. "It sounds angry."

"I'm not sure, my sweet. But don't worry, we're safe in here." She ran her fingers through Kagome's hair.

"I'll protect you," Kagura said, holding a stick towards the door even as her hand trembled. Adoration shone in Kagome's eyes, but she immediately wrapped her arms around her sister.

"You're not going outside," she said, hugging her tightly. Kagura opened her mouth to protest, but Kagome shook her head. "It's too dangerous."

"But I know all the animals in the forest!" she said, still brandishing her stick.

Emiko pulled them closer. "If the creature is hurt, you can help them tomorrow. But for now—" She trailed off as a blustery wind shook the cottage, the girls yelping and burying their faces against their mother.

The storm had come out of nowhere, covering the forest in eerie silence much earlier than they were used to. Emiko had heard rumours of war circulating through the merchants in town, but they had confidence in their queen, along with the crown prince, so she'd paid it no mind, once again thankful that their home was so far removed.

The girls lay down, hands clutching their mother's dress, but Kagome glanced out the window again, idly rubbing her chest.

"What's wrong?" Kagura asked.

Kagome frowned, shifting uncomfortably. "My chest hurts. Like someone's in trouble." Her sister grabbed her stick, but Emiko plucked it out of her fingers.

"Tomorrow," she said firmly.


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