Schrodinger's Garments by mynightshining

Schrodinger's Garments

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Summary: Kagome finally asks Sesshoumaru a question that has plagued her for weeks. Will she get her answer?

Rating: M

Schrodinger's Garments

"Where do your clothes go?"


"When you transform," Kagome clarified, "where do they go?"

Sesshoumaru looked up from his scroll and met her curious gaze. "They do not go anywhere."

"...Okay," The miko tilted her head, azure eyes roaming over his elaborately embroidered clothing. "But what happens to them?"

"Why do you insist on asking me this?"

" Because!" Her sharp inhale echoed through his study. "It's been driving me nuts for weeks. If you follow the laws of physics they have to be somewhere otherwise you'd change back to your inhuman form naked! Is there – I don't know – a pocket or pouch your clothes hang out in? Pristinely folded and tucked away with your swords?"

"Inuyoukai are not marsupials, Miko."

"Until you prove otherwise, I'm going to assume you are."

A playful silence settled between the two, a yokai lord and his beautiful, beguiling house guest. Gold and sapphire gazes locked in a low-stakes battle of wills. Pale lips twitched at the corners, amused. Sesshoumaru enjoyed these moments with her. When the weight of responsibility eased off her shoulders. She had the freedom to relax, forego proper manners, and tease him endlessly. He leaned back, setting his scroll down - the subject no longer important in the wake of this absurd conversation. The woman was endlessly amusing yet stubborn. He knew if he refused to answer now he would never hear the end of it.

"My garments," he started, noticing a glimmer of satisfaction and triumph in the miko's eyes, "are yokai made. They dissolve into yoki as I transform. "

"Ah," she nodded sagely, as if he confirmed what she'd known all along. "Schrodinger's garments."

"I do not know what that–"

"If I gave you something of mine to wear, would it dissolve? It's not made of yoki. Would it fall off?"

Sesshoumaru's gilded eyes cut to the ceiling, feigning impatience, before settling back on her. "It is likely the item would disintegrate and not return once I have changed back."

"So... if you wore human clothing you would change back naked?"

"Why the sudden interest in my nudity, miko?"

"I'm not–I just–" The intense blush staining her cheeks and cascading down her neck into the lapels of her yukata was expected, but not the spike of arousal that followed. A single silver brow raised, eyelids widening before lowering into a heady stare.

Was this why she had stayed in his shiro for so long?

"Do you often think of me naked?"


He stood, moving towards her with purpose. "Perhaps I should wear human clothes for my next transformation? Would you care to be present, Kagome?"

Kagome's floundering stopped abruptly at the use of her name. In the many years following her return to the past, Sesshoumaru never once called her by name.

Only miko .

Always miko .

She set her chin, a faint smirk painting her lips as confidence oozed off her frame.

"Why go through all the hassle of changing into human clothes when you can simply be naked?"

Sturdy arms wrapped around her waist, pressing her against the hard contours of his body. Lips hovered over hers. As Sesshoumaru studied the nuances of her face, her mask dropped, revealing all the desire she'd kept hidden in his presence.

The realization floored him.

"How long?" He begged, desperate, drunk off her scent.

How long had she been attracted to him while he'd been blind as a fool?

"Too long," She kissed him, pulling him down by the lapels of his kimono. Their lips met before his tongue dragged against her own. Her moan rang in his ears and buzzed within his skull. "You?"

"It feels like eternity."

Kagome laughed in agreement as he trailed kisses down her throat. Fingers buried in luscious silver strands. Teeth dragged across her skin, eliciting another moan from her lips.

"Sesshoumaru," gentle hands guided his lips to hers once more. "I think about you naked every night." He growled, irises edging in scarlet. "And what you would do to me if I was naked too."

An almost predatory smirk spread across his handsome visage. Turquoise pupils elongated into slits.

"Allow me to show you."

Please ."

After, when the pair was sated and sore, their heartbeats calming from frantic rhythms, Sesshoumaru spoke, "Kagome?"


"What is a 'Schrodinger'?"


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