Eternally Mated by mynightshining

Eternally Mated

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha

Summary: Sesshoumaru needs a mate and goes about it all wrong.

Rating: M

Author's Notes: Originally written for Gilded Sapphire's Discord Drabble Night February 2022. 100 word snippets.

Eternally Mated


Kagome blinked once.


Three times.

Before his words registered.


Mates are eternal.

Her shocked gaze took in the ethereal being before her. In the firelight of her meager hut his striking jawline stood out against the shadows. Slender cheeks with twin stipes pointing to his luscious lips. His golden gaze, once cold and calculating, was almost ablaze with something she couldn't quite name.

"I wish for us to become mates, Kagome." Sesshoumaru repeated, placing his tea cup upon the tray between them. The clink of porcelain knocked her out of her shock.

"Why me?"

"Hn. Why not you?"



"You have proven yourself worthy on more than one occasion."

Kagome's heart hammered as smooth baritone ebbed between them.

"The potential you possess to become a formidable Lady of the West is unmatched. You carry a power more potent, more damaging, more protective than most daiyokai."

Dark bangs fell over her eyes, shielding her face as she struggled to reign in wild emotions. With every word, her heart sank further. She hoped one day he might feel the same way for her as she did him. Hoped this might have been that moment. But all he cared about was power.



Calloused fingers from over a decade of archery fisted in the red hakama she wore.

"If mating is as lasting as you say," she bit out, effectively cutting him off, "then there must be something more important than whether or not I can dust a yokai. Don't you, oh I don't know, want to be attracted to the person you're tying your soul to? I would."

"Do you not find me attractive, Kagome?" Sesshoumaru teased completely ignoring her tone. He titled his head, silver strands cascading over his shoulder. "Or has my nose lied to me these past few years?"



An angry and embarrassed blush ignited her cheeks. "T-That's none of your business!"

Sesshoumaru smirked. Had he been another inuyokai she knew there would have been a body-shaped hole in her flimsy floorboards right now.

A single dangerous claw tapped his nose. "It is my business when you act so flustered in my presence."

With an impressive growl Kagome stood up and grabbed her worn tea set. She forcibly placed it on the work table.

"You're twisting my words," she said as she turned back to him. This felt better, dominant, towering over him as he lounged on the floor.



"Then please explain it to me. I wish to understand," he paused. "No, I desire to understand you."

All of the angry wind faded from her sails. Blunt teeth worried her lip.

"Where I come from people – most people – like me marry… er... mate for love..." She forced her gaze to remain on the fire and avoid his, though she could feel the weight it pressing against her skin.

"Most?" he asked softly.

"There are still arranged marriages in some cultures..." A rustle of silk reached her ears as he nodded. "But we choose our mates because we love them."



"Love is not as enduring as you believe, Kagome." When she opened her mouth to protest, he cut her off. "My father loved my mother. When that faded, he turned to a human hime instead. He claimed to love her too."

Kagome finally turned to him. Turbulent emotions crossed his face before hiding behind his ever-present mask of indifference. Her heart ached. She knelt next to him and decidedly met his gaze.

"Oh, Sesshoumaru… I'm sorry that's what your experience with love has been but it's not the norm." She paused. "You consider Rin your daughter?"

His nod was minute.



"I can see the love you have for her, as a father should. The way you felt at her wedding or when she told you she and Kohaku were expecting. It's the same feeling you get when you see Inuyasha's kids running up to you. That's it. That's love, and it's ageless." She sighed, chest tight. "And it should be like that but more with the person you want to mate, Sesshoumaru. Not... not me because I'm convenient or powerful or whatever other reason you think."

Silence settled around them and the only sound was the crackling of burning logs.



"For some time I have felt that emotion and more for someone close to me."

At his confession Kagome's very soul to turn to dust. It whirled in a turbulent wind like a delicate relic exposed to the elements.

Everything will be okay, she thought. I can survive this like I have everything else.

She could be the old maid in Kaede's place, couldn't she? Every village needed one.

"Then you should ask that person to be your mate," the words were harder to say than she expected. "A word of advice? Start with that instead."

Kagome blinked back tears.



"You have shown great courage in the face of adversity. In times of loss and conflict you actively chose to help your fellow warriors than wallow in your grief. Compassion and protection of those you care for are what inspire you. It is admirable."

Kagome tried not to grimace. Couldn't he practice this speech with someone else? But she bit her tongue and smiled as best she could.

"That sounds much better, Sesshoumaru. I'm sure they'll fall head over heels for you."

And you can live your timeless loves together through the ages, she grumbled.

Clawed hands cradled her face.



His fierce golden gaze bored into hers and she held her breath. Claws tickled her skin as his hands weaved into her hair.

"You are admirable. You are worthy. You radiate hope, joy, and love." His voice dropped an octave lower on the last word. It danced across her skin sending chills along her back. Heartbeat drummed heavy in her ears and butterflies fluttered in her stomach. "You are the sun and I a crocus opening at first light to beg for a touch of your warmth."

A thumb dragged along the corner of her lip.

"Kagome. It is you, and no one else but you that I love."

"But I'm human," she whispered. "I'll die eventually."

"As my mate, you will be immortal as I am."

Kagome gripped the collar of his silk hankimono and pulled. Lips met, then tongue and teeth. And he swallowed her moans as deft hands divested them of their clothing.

"Does this mean you agree?" He managed between kisses.

"Yeah. Sure. Yes." She responded breathy and desperate as she repeatedly sank upon him.

They came together, powers colliding and melting into one.

"My mate," Kagome claimed as they rode out their high.

"Hn. Yours."


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