Hope for the Future by mynightshining

Hope for the Future

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Summary: All Kagome wanted was one night with the being she loved before the final battle with Naraku. Now they were rushing to save her friends. *Inu-Spiration Solstice Reverse Bang 2022!*

Rating: M

Author's Note: Originally written for Inu-Spiration's Solstice reverse bang 2022! The incomparable Lost Lunatic Princess drew the stunning art, of which you can find on AO3 under the same fic. NGL this one is pretty short. I ended up scrapping the first half for various reasons. My hope is to rework that section and post it as a companion piece at some point. Action scenes are not my forte, but I hope you like it!

Hope for the Future

Stinging wind howled past Kagome and whipped midnight locks into flowing silver. She buried her face into Sesshomaru's bare neck as the pair sped towards the sounds of battle.

Guilt twisted in her gut.

In the years since their two groups joined forces last night was the one and only time they left the group unaccompanied. After months of tentative peace and eerie silence having defeated all of Naraku's offspring, they had fallen into a false sense of security.

Then Naraku himself attacked.

Here they were – late to defend their friends, Sesshomaru half-naked and lacking armor, and her with nothing on but his kimono.

The fresh mating mark at the junction of her neck and shoulder pulsed with soothing yoki and Kagome tightened her grip in response.

"It is not our fault the abomination attacked now," her mate spoke over the rushing wind. His arm tightened around her torso. "Neither of us are telepathic. We could not have predicted when he would emerge."

He was right. She knew he was right. That didn't stop her from feeling responsible and selfish. All she wanted was time alone with the being she loved before the final clash with their enemy. Their night together had been everything she hoped it would be, but she couldn't be happy with the progress in their relationship when faced with the dread her friends were fighting for their lives without her.

"We are nearly there."

Kagome peaked above them. A deep yawning expanse of inky darkness blocked out the early morning sky. The darkness undulated, and she realized with horror it was thousands upon thousands of yokai.

Sesshomaru burst through the trees emerging into the vast, ravaged battlefield.

Hairs stood rigid on the back of Kagome's neck. Yoki crackled through the expanse of uprooted trees and scarred earth.

In the distance their nemesis slowly pieced himself back together after a devastating blow.

Miroku writhed in pain upon the ground. Saimyosho buzzed overhead. Kirara flew in circles fighting each one off. Sango stood exhausted over the prone form of her bother. Hirakotsu sliced through a swarm of yokai, returned to its master, and flew out again. No moment for rest.

Inuyasha struggled to lift the heavy weight of Tessaiga. Claws slipped against the hilt. Blood rushed out of the hanyo's mid-section and soaked the ground.

"Took you two long enough!" He yelled across the field. Relief flooded his face.

"Perhaps we should have lingered in our den?" Sesshomaru replied, sarcasm saturating resonate baritone.

A blushed heated Kagome's cheeks despite the danger they were in.

"Keh! Just help me destroy the bastard before he's in one piece!"

Kagome jumped to the uneven ground gripping her bow and single arrow. Tenseiga sang with anticipation as the daiyokai unsheathed the sword.

"Ready?" The miko asked, setting her jaw. This was their only chance.

"Always, Mate."

Scarlet yoki surged and swirled around the pair. The yoki that lived in Kagome now burned with determination and resolve as it met Sesshomaru's. It swam within her heart, extending outward through her chest and limbs, dancing at her fingertips. Her arrow pulsed with power. Silk sleeves fluttered as she aimed.

"You're done for, Inuyasha!" Naraku raged. Miasma oozed from beneath him threatening to swallow their friends. "The Shikon is mine to control!"

"You wish," With the last strength he had, Inuyasha unleashed Meido Zangetsuha. Sesshomaru swung Tenseiga and Kagome let her arrow fly. Cutting through the miasma, bright pink reiki swirled with the crimson of her mate's yoki. It flew in tandem with Inuyasha's attack. Dark purple slashed an arc across the sky. True to Kagome's aim, the arrow sliced through the evil hanyo's armored chest and pierced the Shikon no Tama trapped inside Onigumo's heart. Purity seared across Naraku's form followed by waves of yoki. He screamed a wholly inhuman sound as his many parts began to separate.

A deep gaping maw of the underworld opened behind Naraku, pulling him apart piece by piece, yokai by yokai that forged him until nothing but the human heart and glowing Shikon no Tama remained.

Masses of yokai overhead dissolved and sunrise graced the devastated land.

Sesshomaru wrapped his arm around his mate and flew her towards the jewel. Together they studied their enemy's remains. One striped hand grasped the pulsing organ. Acid dripped from claws, and flesh melted away.

Kagome pulled the Shikon off the arrow tip, rolling it between her fingers. Her eyes grew distant, dark brows furrowed. A blinding flash of light illuminated the battlefield and the jewel winked out of existence.

Inuyasha, leaning heavily on the rusted form of Tessaiga, fell to his knees and scoffed, "That's it?"

"I've had years to think of the right wish," the modern miko spoke softly, resigned.

Tenseiga pulsed incessantly in Sesshoumaru's palm. An intense drag of power flowed through Kagome in time with the sword's rhythm. Golden eyes met hers. Tightening his grip, Sesshomaru swung the sword of healing, pulling reiki from her and channeling it into his father's fang. With their combined powers, Inuyasha's grave wound stitched itself back together. Miroku no longer writhed in pain from poison. Sango and Kirara felt their energy rejuvenated. Kohaku rose, brushing dirt off his uniform. Upturned earth righted itself and saplings sprouted where their predecessors had fallen.

Sango ran to her brother trapping Kohaku in a crushing hug.

Kagome smiled as tears ran down her cheeks. Happiness for her friends' safety warring with her own sadness and sacrifice.

An arm snaked around her waist and she sighed. Sesshomaru buried his head in her shoulder nuzzling the mating mark.

"What did you lose?" He whispered against her skin. She could feel his dread, his worry, through their bond.

It had to be a selfless wish after all.

"Home," she whispered back – her family, her friends, the modern era where she struggled daily to succeed regardless of their quest – were all on the other side of a now closed well.

Her mate tightened his hold and kissed the corner of her lips, "I shall endeavor to make you a worthy replacement."

She turned to him, sapphire eyes swimming with hope for their future. Kagome could weather the loneliness and grief as long as she had her friends and her mate by her side.

"We both will."


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