Birthday Cookies by mynightshining

Birthday Cookies

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Summary: It's Kagome's birthday. Sesshoumaru and his son make something sweet for her.

Rating: K

Author's Notes: Inspired in part by a TikTok, where a father wore his baby in a sling as made cookies.

Birthday Cookies

Sesshoumaru adjusted the straps of the baby carrier, pulling it snug against his chest. His nine-month old son squealed in delight and kick his chubby little legs.

"I, too, am excited Toujirou." He said as he finished the last strap and moved over to the counter covered in all the ingredients necessary to make chocolate chip cookies. "Your mother will be as well when she comes home to a fresh tray of our signature birthday cookies."

Kagome had gone with her mother for a birthday shopping spree and spa day, a much-needed time away from their home and child-care duties of their rambunctious son. Sesshoumaru was all too happy to take over and let her enjoy her day worry-free. He loved spending time with his son and enjoyed baking together when his schedule allowed.

Sesshoumaru leaned over the counter, angling in such a way that allowed Toujirou to grab the first ingredient with his tiny hands. Laughing and with the help of his father, he brought the measuring cup to the bowl and tilted it in. They repeated this for all the dry ingredients, squealing and chuckling when Toujirou accidently flung the flour all over the kitchen counter.

Then Sesshoumaru gave his son the measuring spoon, and Toujirou held it diligently, albeit a little wobbly. Sesshoumaru carefully and swiftly poured the liquid, well aware that at any moment his son's excitement could swing the spoon anywhere but in the desired bowl.

Sesshoumaru cracked the eggs himself earlier but let Toujirou pour them in with all confidence a new toddler possessed. Sesshoumaru caught the toppling measuring bowl with ease and set it aside.

His son squealed with anticipation, loud and prolonged, as Sesshoumaru placed the handheld mixer in the bowl. This, by far, was Toujirou's favorite part. He loved holding onto the handle with his father, feeling the vibrations and watching all the separate parts melt into one.

When the batter was smooth and clumpy, Sesshoumaru let Toujirou press the off switch and they removed the beaters from the dough. Sesshoumaru handed Toujirou the final ingredient, a bag of chocolate chips, and laughed whole heartedly as the babe tossed half of it in the air out of sheer excitement.

Toujirou made gibberish comments no doubt critiquing his father's form as Sesshoumaru scooped the dough onto a baking sheet.

The cookies didn't take long to bake and Toujirou loved to watch the cookies rise in the oven from a safe distance, of course.

Toujirou sat in his little Bumbo chair on the counter afterwards to watch his father finally place the now cooled cookies on the tray for Kagome. Beside it sat two cards, one elegantly decorated from Sesshoumaru and a beautifully chaotic and colorful hand painted card from Toujirou, and presents that Sesshoumaru had taken great care to wrap.

And when Kagome came home that evening to a beautifully spotless kitchen, a sleeping and well-fed toddler, fully prepared three course dinner, and handsome husband with the cookies front and center, she knew without a doubt this was the best birthday.


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