Waves by mynightshining


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Summary: Kagome teaches Rin to swim.

Rating: M

Author's Notes: Originally written for Gilded's Sapphire's SessKag Discord Drabble Night's August 2022 prompts. 100 word snippets.



"That's it!" Kagome encouraged as she held Rin afloat in the village pond. "Kick a little harder. Perfect."

Rin extended her arms and grasped the makeshift buoy Kagome made specifically for their lesson. "How was that?" she managed between breaths, her knuckles turning white with the strength of her grip. Though she was fifteen, Rin had never learned to swim and was uncomfortable in deeper water. After learning this, Kagome took it upon herself to teach Rin everything she knew.

"Wonderful, Rin. You're a natural!"

"Am I?" The teen asked in disbelief.

"Of course! Now swim back to me."



"I c-can't! The current's too strong." Rin shivered, pulling herself tighter against the buoy.

"Nice try, but there is no current here," Kagome assured with a smile. She swam a little closer. "What about now?"

The teen nodded her head, rallying her resolve, and launched herself off the buoy. In a flurry of splashing water Rin paddled to her mentor.

The two repeated this exercise, the distance between Kagome and buoy growing until Rin was able to swim herself to land.

Exhausted, the teen hauled herself up and out of the water and flopped onto the grassy shore.

"Thank you, Kagome."



"We'll have you swimming against the tide in no time, Rin."

The teen sat up and flashed a tired smile in return.

"You worked hard today, so make sure to drink lots of water and eat all your dinner," Kagome said as Rin stood up and grabbed her things.

"Yes, Mom," the teen said in jest, but the two froze once the word registered. "I'm sor—"

"It's okay!" Kagome responded quickly.

"I didn't mean—"

"Really. It's—"

"But I do—"

"It was a slip of the tongue," Kagome reassured swimming towards the shore. "Let's talk about this later?"



Kagome was left bobbing along the pond's edge as Rin made her way back to Kaede's hut. She watched the clouds move across the sky and Mom ricocheted in her head.

Since Kagome had returned to the Feudal Era she had felt a kinship with Rin. And when Kaede became too frail to care for her on her own Kagome immediately stepped in.

Rin already had a parent.

And as much as she wanted to be, it wasn't her.

Her vision was obscured by the distinctive silhouette of a certain daiyokai.

"Sesshoumaru?!" Kagome exclaimed startled. Water splashed upon his boots.




As Kagome calmed her racing heart, she took him in. No armor, only a simple kimono and obi, hair tied up into a messy bun which seemed so out of place on his immaculate form but complimented his sharp jawline. Despite the cool water, Kagome blushed.

"If you're looking for Rin, you've just missed her."

"Hn." He began to untie the obi, and Kagome's heart raced for an entirely different reason. "I observed the lesson. I am here for a swim."

"Oh, great. Yes, that's… fine!" She rambled trying to look anywhere but him and failing as he continued to undress.



Thankfully (or unthankfully) Sesshoumaru wore fondoushi.

He descended into the pond and Kagome couldn't help but watch as the sweat of the day melted into the cool water.

What a shame, she thought. Visions of licking his chest clean flashed across her mind, she could almost taste the salt on her tongue.

She snapped out of her musings when a clawed hand gently grasped her wrist and pulled her toward the center of the pond.


The miko followed wordlessly. Sesshoumaru cut through the water with a grace she could only hope to achieve.

When they reached the buoy, he stopped.



"It did not occur to me," he started as they both treaded water, "to teach her. I… wrongfully assumed humans were born with the innate ability to swim as all inuyokai are."

Kagome smiled, ready to voice a humble response, but it slipped away when he grabbed her wrist again and pulled her close. Her hands found purchase on muscular shoulders as sturdy arms slid around her waist.

"Thank you, Kagome."

A surge of emotions rose within her at his sincerity.


"This One does not thank you near enough for all you've done for my daughter."



"Rin is…" like a daughter to me. "…very important to me," Kagome said quietly. "I'll do anything I can for her."

"Hn." The pair spun in a lazy circle. Cool water lapped against their skin. Sesshoumaru's gilded gaze met hers. "I have noticed."

A tsunami of uncertain feelings crashed within Kagome. They'd had a rapport, Sesshoumaru and her, over the years, but nothing like this. It was… new. And thrilling. With his unwavering gaze meeting hers, Kagome suddenly felt more confident than she ever had in his presence.

"What else have you noticed?"

"Your persistent attraction to me."



Kagome couldn't help the smirk that teased her lips.

"Caught me."

"Indeed," Sesshoumaru matched her smirk. "You do not hide it well."

Kagome nodded playfully, "I should've known better. It's impossible to fool your superhuman senses."

The surrounding water crested and lapped against heated skin. Silver hair trailed behind them in their wake. As if magnetized, their eyes remained met.

"It was impressed upon me the proper way to court you is to ask you on a 'date'." Lithe hands slid around his neck, minimizing the space between them. He spoke soft yet assured, "May I take you on one, Kagome?"



It was the easiest decision she'd ever made.

Kicking her legs harder, she surged forward, bracing herself on his sturdy frame. Droplet-covered lips met his own. Legs tangled within the water, arms weaved, and hands gripped. All while lips and tongue and teeth learned a new rhythm.

"Yes," She exhaled, once breaking away to breathe. A smile she'd never seen, one genuine and rare, spread across his usually stoic face. If possible, making him ever more handsome.

One clawed thumb traced the apple of her cheek. Reverent. "I am hopeful for what our future holds. Rin will certainly be thrilled."

Kagome chuckled, collapsing to rest her head on his shoulder. "I imagine she's been waiting a long time for this?"


The pair continued to float discussing their now entwined future as the sun set.


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