Little Pink Plus by mynightshining

Little Pink Plus

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha

Summary: After years of waiting, a mated pair receive happy news.

Rating: T

Little Pink Plus

Kagome was going to burn a hole in the carpet with her pacing. As it stood, a worn path developed in the soft fibers outside the bathroom door. She dug her teeth into the bottom lip, wrung her hands, and changed direction.

Tick tock, tick tock of the wall clock echoed in her head, bouncing around until it felt like all her insides were rattling.

Her stomach turned.

Only a few more minutes.

She could wait a few more minutes.

She could.

She… could.

She changed direction.

Exhaustion rolled over her. From stress, from desperation, from forcing herself not to hope.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Only a minute left.

She could—

Shaking hands reached for the door knob of their own accord. Before she knew what she was doing, she stood in front of the bathroom counter, small stick of white plastic in hand, staring in disbelief at a bright pink plus sign.

A sob of relief came first.

Then tears of joy and gratitude

Years and years of doctor's appointments, being poked and prodded, bits and pieces of her and her mate studied under microscopes, and it finally took.


She jumped, startled at her mate's baritone carrying through the house.

He was home early.

"I-in here!"

"In bed already? I have yet to make dinner."

"No," she said as his footsteps scaled the stairs. "Come look!"

She met him at the bedroom door, unable to find words, and simply shoved the pregnancy test in his face.

Golden eyes blinked in confusion.

"It worked, Sesshomaru," she whispered through tears. "It worked!"

His gaze focused on the little pink plus sign.

Eyelids widened in shock.

"It worked?" he repeated, so scared to hope.


Strong arms swept her up. Butterfly kisses trailed across her cheeks, her brow, her nose, her mouth.

"I will… endeavor to become the best father to our child, Kagome," he pledged, voice shaking. "I will..." he swallowed hard, failing to keep his emotions in check. "I will…"

"I know," she said smiling and wiping away tears as they cascaded down his cheeks. "I know you will."

He knelt before her and placed his pointed ear against her abdomen. If he focused just right, a tiny but powerful woosh, woosh, woosh, could be heard. His eyes slid closed as Kagome's hand slid through his hair.

The mated pair stayed in that embrace, in the doorway of their bedroom, dreaming of a tangible future they were both finally allowed to hope for.


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