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The Beginning


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2022- 13,October- Café BunBun- 1:15 p.m

(The sounds of people walking by the midsize coffee shop, along with the occasional vehicle passing by. The cafe's door makes a jingle everytime it is opened. It smells of cinnamon and roasted espresso beans. The espresso machine makes a noise as the steamer is used for a order.)

"One small mocha latte with cream for a Kagome!" Is called out within the cafe. A small pale hand waves and a young woman walks to the counter. With a smile, Kagome picks up her drink and turns to find a table to sit down at. Spotting one near the window, she makes her way towards it. The soft occasional 'excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me.' Can be heard from her as she sits down. Letting a huff of air escape her mouth, she brings the cup to her to take a sip. Jumping slightly at the scalding liquid dancing on her tongue. Still holding her drink, Kagome looks around at the people filling the shop up. Her eyes rest on the display on desserts. Looking between the cinnamon roll and the biscoff cake pieces, Kagome sips slowly as she decides which one is worth going through the sea of folk again. Seeing movement infront of her, Kagome turns and smiles. Her friend from childhood, Ayame sits down across from her with two cinnamon rolls and two pieces of the biscoff cake. 

"I've known you for so long, Kagome that I went ahead and got these for us to eat together." Ayame stated as she slid one of each dessert towards Kagome. Giving Ayame a smile, she picked up the steel fork and dug into the biscoff cake. Chewing and swallowing three pieces, Kagome took a sip of her latte before speaking to Ayame. 

"I didn't see you come in. Look at all these people here today and it's a Thursday."

"It's also lunch time for many folk, Kags." Ayame responded back as she turned and got up from her seat to fetch her drink. Kagome watched her as Ayame bumped shoulders with people to reach the counter. Kagome and Ayame meet each other back when they were seven years old. Kagome's mother dropped her off at her father's for winter break. Her parents tolerated each other but were never married. Both came from a long line of priest but her father also had the impurity of demon blood from his line. It has been diluted through out generations that the only thing left of it is the blue eyes, inhuman abilities when it comes to athletics, a senstivie hearing, and a extremely slow aging process. 

Focusing on the now returned Ayame, Kagome had a small smile plastered on her face. Ayame cursing under her breath in a language foreign to her, Kagome watched. " Lokum zeck chem." Ayame muttered as she dropped into her chair, making it scoot some. She wiped the drops of runaway iced coffee with the napkins that came with the desserts. Satisfied with her cleaning, she took a sip and sighed in bliss. Smiling back at her friend, Ayame picked up her cinnamon roll and began to eat. Between bites she would ask Kagome how her family was and how the job she was at was working out. 

"I know you are only asking about daddy and gramps. They're fine and gramps says thank you for the gift you sent him. He enjoys the way the tea makes him feel." Kagome paused as Ayame let a snort out and then continued, "hm, dad is actually doing better since his incident with those teens. He didn't press charges on them-"

"He should have! Kagome, they broke his knee and femur AND shoulder along with his collar bone. I know he didn't because they are from Koga's tribe, but even Koga would have understood why your dad would do it." Kagome sighed and shrugged her shoulders at Ayames statement. Everyone who knew her father and Koga's tribe were shocked at the knews. No one could understand why three teens would break in and assault someone in their sleep and leave. Koga did come by that following week and apologize to Kagome and her father and promised the three teens would be punished. That was a month ago from today when it happened. Kagome was at work when her father called and rushed back home to take him to the hospital. Police did arrive and Kagome swore to her dad she didn't call them. They found out it was the on call doctor who gave a report. The police tried to convince them both to tell them who assaulted her father, but he refused and told them to leave. 

Kagome rested her chin in her hand and pulled out her phone to check her socials. Clearing her throat and taking a sip, Kagome repsonded back to Ayame, "you know how he is. Koga did come by and told dad that he knows which ones were involved and they would be punished by tribal law." 

Ayame nodded as she sucked on the straw. Kagome decided to go to VidMedia and check out the videos people posted. Some were of their pets, some were of people lip syncing to a song and dancing, and some were of people cooking or doing pranks. Of course she would paused to watch the blogs of people and scroll on. Kagome didn't know she zoned out until Ayame grabbed her phone. Looking up, Kagome made eye contact with her. Ayame made a motion with her head as asking if Kagome heard anything she just said. Thinning her lips, Kagome just widened her eyes at Ayame's direction. Sighing she repeated herself to Kagome, "I said, have you heard from InuYasha? Since he is a officer for the human's and demon's territory, I figured he would contact you when he heard of your dad getting hurt." 

Kagome shrugged and leaned back into her chair. InuYasha, she meet him in middleschool and had the biggest crush on him. It of course, was one sided and it faded over time. Kagome is pretty sure, InuYasha knew about it, but didn't bring it up to embarrass her. They stayed friends throughout highschool and university. They're still friends but not as close as they were in school. The occassional text here and there. Stretching her arms behind her head, Kagome repsonded back to Ayame and then crossed her arms.  "I haven't heard from him in a long time if I'm going to be honest here, Ayame. If he knows he knows and if he doesn't then that's fine too. Like I said, I haven't heard from InuYasha in a long time. I think the last time I talked with him was somewhere around May and that was for telling him congratulations for his newborn. So...four months it's been." 

Kagome shook her cup to see if any more was left before standing up. Ayame followed suite and grabbed Kagome's phone off the table before turning around and going out the door of the cafe. She waited outside for Kagome to join her. Kagome fixed her coat and went outside to see Ayame standing with her back against the window and looking in Kagome's direction. Giving her phone back, Ayame placed her hands into her hoodie pocket and walked beside her friend. As they walked, they gossiped and laughed. Stopping once or twice at store windows before deciding to go into one. The store they decided to look into was a cozy little store with a kappa running it. They browsed the isles and racks of shoes and clothing items. A young kappa standing near the cash register, waiting to be called on to assist the customers. Kagome looked among the dresses before one caught her eyes. Taking it off the rack, she held it up to inspect. A black, ankle length dress. With long sleeves and a modesty neckline. It's material felt like wool but soft to the touch. Turning it around to inspect the back, she noticed it only buttoned in the front. 

"A lovely corset belt would go great with that dress madam if you're interested." A crackly but young voice spoke out to Kagome. Turning around and looking down, she nodded at the kappa who ran to the belts and came back with three in her hands. The kappa motioned for Kagome to the dressing rooms and followed her. Once there, the kappa intsructed Kagome to change and come back out to see which belt would go with the dress. Doing as told, she went behind the privacy curtain and changed into the dress. Kagome had always has issues with clothing fitting her. She wasn't thin but she wasn't obese either. She was in the middle if you could call it that. The biggest parts on her was her chest, bottom, thighs, and a small belly that wasn't noticable unless she worn form fitting clothing. She isn't uncomfortable in her body quite the opposite really. But many clothes in the human territory were made for those who didn't have such assests. Which is why she always shopped in the demon territory. But with this dress it was a different situation, the buttons would not stay buttoned. Coming out of the dressing room, Kagome looked at the kappa and without saying a word, the kappa held up one claw and disappeared. She was gone for five mintues before returning with a identical dress for Kagome to try on. Going into the dressing room once more, Kagome changed and was satistifed with this one. She came out again and smiled. 

"Okay, if you could give me the first belt to try on I would apprecitate it." Kagome told the kappa politely. The kappa nodded and handed her a maroon colored belt. It had black string on the front of it and clasped together in the back. Using the stings, she tightened the belt some and studied herself in the mirror. Giving herself a nod, Kagome took it off and told the kappa she liked it. Looking at the other two that were the same style but different color, she immediately discarded the golden colored belt. Left with the white belt, Kagome once again told the kappa she liked it and was ready for purchase. Going back into the dressing room, once more to change and heading up to the counter with the dress in hand; Kagome looked around for Ayame as she placed the dress down. Not seeing her friend in the store, she looked out the store window to see if she could spot Ayame. Not having a good view, Kagome turned toward the kappa who rung up her purchases and asked if she seen her friend. 

" She has red hair and it's in two tails. She's a wolf and few inches taller than me. She came in with me." Kagome finished saying as the imp pointed to the entrance door. "She went out there and was on her phone. Sorry I can't give you more informantion madam." The kappa replied as she folded and neatly placed the Kagome's items into a bag and handed it to her. Kagome thanked the imp before turning to leave and headed out the door. Looking one way, she stepped out and bumped into someone. Turning to face who she ran into, Kagome looked up at them and fell silent. She swallowed and cleared her throat and looked away, "Sesshomaru...I'm sorry to bump into you. I was looking for my friend, Ayame to see where she went." 

Sesshomaru was well known in both territories and not for good reasoning. All the Taisho males in that family had tempers, but Sesshomaru's outranked them all. When he was angry, he was silent and never spoke. Many often thought he is always calm and nothing made him angry. But those who knew of him and knew him, actually knew better. He would speak with his actions. Sesshomaru was known to be the violent and calm at the same time, which made him dangerous. He wouldn't go into a blind rage like InuYasha, He locked onto his traget who pissed him off and they would not or barely survive his attack. But it wasn't instant, no. He would become a predator and stalk his victim before his assault. There have been rumors even, that Sesshomaru would eat his victims raw. Kagome wasn't sure if that was true but she stayed out of his way to be safe. She had meet him a few times while hanging out with InuYasha at their father's home. But Sesshomaru prefered his mother's home to stay mostly at when she was a kid. Fiddling with her bag, Kagome kept her eyes down and stepped to the side to let Sesshomaru pass. When he didn't move, she dared herself to look up into his eyes. 

He looked down at her, his scarf covering his chin and bottom lip. His hands were in the pockets of his jeans and he stared at her without blinking. Kagome quickly looked away and to the otherside of the road, cursing Ayame for not letting her know she left. She felt him move and tower over her figure. Kagome without thought, placed the bag between them as Sesshomaru stepped closer to her. His boots and her flats touching nose to nose. Kagome focused her eyes on his green shirt that played peek-a-boo underneath his black unbuttoned coat. 'I didn't know he owned other colors.' She thought to herself for a second, as a warm clawed hand grabbed her chin and tilted her head back. Her heart began to pound like a drum in her chest. Sesshomaru never ever attempted to touch someone unless he was going to kill them or hurt them badly. Kagome's hands shook as they held tighter onto the paper handles of the bag. She kept her eyes averted as he spoke to her. 

"I know who Ayame is. But I was trying to recall who you are and it just dawned on me, who you are. My little brother's friend, Kagome Higurashi. It's been years since my eyes have seen you. You're not as loud as you use to be as a child I see. I heard about what happened to your father, by the way. Shameful how children act towards others with no respect." He paused and tilted his head as he watched her, moving her head the opposite way of his before continuing. 

"I always wondered if your eyes were fake but I see they're not. Do they glow at night like a predator hunting their prey? I bet they do. The last thing they see before being killed is those glowing blue eyes of your's. It's rude to not make eye contact when someone is talking to you, Kagome." Sesshomaru finished in a calm manner as Kagome quickly darted her eyes to meet his. She was panicking, honestly freaking out by this exchanged. She never spoke to the demon, never been this close with the demon. But here she is, smelling his pine needle mixed with cedar smoke scent. It had to be one strong cologne but it didn't drown her with a headache. Kagome prayed to whatever Gods listened that this demon didn't give her a smile and whatever Gods there were did not listen to her prayer because that is exactly what Sesshomaru did was give her a smile as soon as she made eye contact with him. 

"There we go. That's actually better, we can communicate better like this." Sesshomaru leaned down to her ear, she could feel his hot breath caressing the rim. Trying to keep her eyes on him, Kagome let out a shaky breath. Sesshomaru stepped closer towards her body, hiding her from view as he whispered into her ear;"I know where Ayame went to. But hearing your heart beating like it is, is intoxicating. Do I make you feel like this, Kagome? Does your heart race for only me? Should I be honored or disgusted? You're a human after all even if there is some demon blood within you, you're still human. Why don't you place your hand on my chest and fell my heart beating. It's only fair. Go ahead and touch my chest."

Kagome shivered as Sesshomaru grabbed her hand with his free one and forced her hand to his chest. She felt warmth but no heart beat. Sesshomaru let out a airy sigh and moved her hand under his scarf to his neck. His skin was soft and warm and she could feel his pulse under the skin. Sesshomaru let go of Kagome's chin and placed his hand beside her head on the window. He continued to whisper in her ear.

"I'm sure that little kappa in this store is terrified for you, I can see the way her whole body shakes. She can't even look away from us. Like a rabbit looking at a fox. Frozen in fear. Maybe she believes we are lovers and she quakes in envy." He finished with a soft snort. Kagome wanted to bring her hand back to her body but he wouldn't let it go. She curled her fingers away from his skin as he backed away from her ear and stood his full height. Licking her lips, Kagome found some of her voice and spoke gently to the demon infront of her.

"Sesshomaru, may I please go? I wish to go home while the sun is still up." She waited on his response, hoping he would agree and let her go. Sesshomaru kept his eyes on the kappa behind Kagome as he spoke, slowly tighten his grip on her wrist and letting his other hand fall beside him. After some time, he finally lowered his eyes down to Kagome. She fought herself to keep looking at him. She just wanted to go home and into a warm shower. Where she felt safe. 

"It's so cold for October this year isn't it. I bet you're cold aren't you, Kagome. Are you? Of course you are, look at that body of your's shivering. Let me escort you to your home. Wouldn't want anyone to bother you would we." Sesshomaru finished as he held onto her wrist and began walking. Kagome's feet automatically began to move before her brain could process what happened. Looking behind her, she saw the kappa run to the door and look out at her. She prayed she would actually arrive home. 

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