You Don't Always Get What You Want by Bunny-chan


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The day was getting darker as was Sesshomaru's mood as he scowled at the sound of his toad-like companion's shrill voice. He could never keep his mouth shut. On and on he continued to complain about his insolent half brother and how he came to own the Tetsusaiga. That day had been one of the many days that he had crossed paths with his brother, battling for the sword. He would never admit this to anyone but he failed as he has many times before. He could not wield the blade yet again.

"That Inuyasha does not deserve my lord Sesshomaru-sama's father's sword. If it wasn't for that barrier, you would have it, my lord. Humans…such vile creatures. How your father came to mate with one, I'll never know." Jaken pondered as he dragged Ah-Un with a sleeping Rin laying on the dragon's saddle.

Just when he was at his wit's end and had the utmost urge to knock the lights out of his steward, a familiar scent filled the air. Dirt and bones. His brother's woman. Why was she travelling so close? It was obvious that she could sense him, just as he could smell her filthy scent. He narrowed his golden orbs and halted abruptly. Jaken who was oblivious as always knocked face first into his long hard legs and fell back. Appalled and horrified, the green demon immediately knelt down on his knees and begged for forgiveness.

"Sesshomaru-sama, forgive me!" he shrieked as he heard foot-steps coming from the forest clearing in front of them.

It was indeed Kikyo. Her features were blank, obviously not fearing the demon lord that stood but a few feet away. She edged closer until finally coming to a stop. Her eyes met his narrowed stare.

"It seems that I am in the presence of Inuyasha's older brother."

He didn't respond—only continued to stare at her.

"It seems I am in luck as well. I have been looking for you for some time. You are quite a difficult demon to track." She continued as she allowed her soul snatchers to deliver her some fresh souls. "I have a proposition for you…will you give me your counsel?"

"What makes you think that I would want to talk to the likes of you?"

"It's regarding something of Inuyasha's…something that you may want."

His eyes flinched in the tiniest way possible from her remark, still keeping his composure as always.

"Jaken, leave us."

The small demon's eyes bulged out in surprise. Even though he did not want to, he led the dragon youkai along with the sleeping girl away from the two.

"We are alone; now speak your mind miko."

She smirked slightly at the remark and glanced off behind him.

"You were with Inuyasha earlier today, were you not?"


"And what transpired between you two?"

Growing tired of each question that reminded him of why he was angry in the first place made him scowl.

"I have no patience for such questions. What proposition do you speak of?"

"It seems that you have the need to acquire Inuyasha's sword yet you cannot. What if I told you there was a way that you could? I have seen what happens when you try to wield Tetsusaiga. There is a barrier on it, correct?" without a response, she continued. "I can dispel the barrier for you if you wish."

He lifted a brow, somewhat interested in what the earthy smelling corpse had to say.

"You require something in return." He stated rather than posed as a question.

"I want to exact my revenge on Inuyasha but I cannot do so as long as my reincarnation is around."

"The strange one he always has with him."

"Yes. Get rid of her and I will dispel the barrier on Tetsusaiga for you."

He paused for a moment before replying, "Though the offer may seem irresistible, I refuse."

Astonished, she narrowed her eyes.

"May I ask why?"

"I am the one to exact revenge on the insolent hanyou, no one else."

She sighed lightly and closed her eyes, appearing to reinvent her plans.

"Well, it seems we're at an impasse. I guess it was worth the try." she said as she motioned to walk away.

"I will do as you wish but there is one thing that you must be aware of."

"And what is that?" she inquired as she turned to look at him again.

"Do what you want to Inuyasha, but his life belongs to me."



He did it again. Why did he always have to go and make her mad?

"Chikusho! Wench! Why did you do that?"



"For your information, I do not like to be called wench, Inuyasha. You know that! Also, I did that because you said that the lunch I prepared wasn't as good as Instant Ramen!"

Inuyasha growled as he struggled to crawl out of the tiny crater in the dirt he made.

"What's wrong with liking that delicious stuff over your food?"

"Baka!" she shouted as she stomped off in the other direction.

"Inuyasha will never learn…" Shippo sighed as he shook his head in unison with Miroku and Sango.

"This food is delicious, Inuyasha. How could you have said something so cruel to Kagome-sama?" Miroku asked in disappointment.

"You should apologize before she decides to leave." Sango instructed him as she watched the hanyou stand to his feet, dusting off the dirt.

Kagome huffed as she clenched his hands into fists. Her brows creased together as she stomped off into the direction of the Bone Eater's Well.

"That Inuyasha! The nerve! UGH!"

She wasn't as mad as she was sad. Deep down she was really hurt. He always went ahead and said the most stupid, idiotic things to her that made her want to cry and beat him to a pulp all at the same time. Deep down, she wished he had treated her nicer. He had his moments where he could be so caring, chivalrous and sweet—and moments like these. He still hasn't figured it out. Not one tiny bit. She cared for him so much and he had to go and hurt her feelings like this all the time. She wanted to make him a delicious lunch yet all he could think about were some processed, factory made noodles. Sometimes she wondered why she loved him. He was rude, mean, selfish, vulgar, and…at the same time the complete opposite. She often wondered what it would be like to love someone who treated her like gold, really listened to her, liked her cooking, and love her back with his whole heart…maybe she never would. Who knew? Maybe he would come around one day…treat her like he treats Kikyo. The way he looked at Kikyo was completely different from the way he looked at her. In truth, she envied Kikyo for this. She wished she received looks like those…the ones where it would to take a bolt of lightning to tear his eyes away from hers. She longed for those golden eyes to return her feelings, just as he longs for Kikyo to return his. Before long, she found herself at the well. She stopped a few feet away from it, sighing.


Startled, she turned to the sound of Inuyasha's voice behind her. She noticed how unsure he looked as he struggled to find the word to say. She closed her eyes with arms folded in front of her, waiting for an apology.

"Sorry…" he whispered, almost too quiet for her human ears.

"Hm? What did you say?"

"Sorry…" he repeated, a little louder this time.

She sighed, tired of feeling angry.

"You're forgiven. Next time I won't bring you any food though."

"Aww, come on, I said I was sorry." He called to her as they made their way back towards the others.

The fog hung low as Kikyo walked into the clearing in which led to a cave, hidden to those without spiritual powers. She walked in slowly, eyeing the small entrance with ease. The cave was lit with torches along the walls as she made her way deeper into the cave. Finally, she came to a stop as the cave opened up to a humongous cavern—in the middle a small pond of dark water and an ancient pillar adorned with markings. She motioned one of her soul snatchers to release a soul into the pond, the water stirring slightly. In an instant, a burst of power spewed a small human-like youkai with dark eyes. She wore a black robe with a shrouded hood, hiding her true form. She smiled down at the miko who waited patiently.

"I thank you for your payment. Why is the great Yure being summoned by a miko of all things?"

"I require your assistance in handling a very powerful Taiyoukai."

"A Taiyoukai, you say? Well, you have piqued my interest. I have never dealt with a Taiyoukai before."

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