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Arc-an Angel (Chapter 10) - Sat 25 Mar 2023

This story is so painful to read and yet so fascinating. I hope in the end she returns to Japan and purifies the whole lot of them!!!

Young Kagome (Chapter 10) - Wed 01 Mar 2023

She's completely valid in her feelings! He has a lot of work to do before this can be a safe pace for her. Can't wait to read it! Please update soon! 

Wah (Chapter 10) - Tue 28 Feb 2023

Yay an update! Thank you for continuing this story!

Kathy (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Feb 2023

Ok, i understand Kagome has gone through hell. However, she describes bad experiences with Sesshomaru. Claiming he torturing her and he's never kind. While definitely not 100% kind, or correct, since he found her he has been fairly kind. There is no indication in the story that he has abused her, hit her, or mistreated her in any way. 

Like i said, i agree that he hasn't been 100% kind cause he did "buy" her and has touched her without her full consent, but he hasn't given Kagome any reason to feel like she's living in hell. 

So I'm just confused about that. Like did i miss something. Some of their reactions or thoughts; Sesshomaru and Kagome feel off and unwarranted. 

I do like the story and will see where it goes 

Theinfamousone (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Feb 2023

Daaayyyuuum. I'm not quite sure how to articulate how this story made me feel., but I'm interested in seeing kagome heal.  

Libracourt (Chapter 10) - Sun 26 Feb 2023

This story is so interesting. I can't wait to read more

SmilingFool (Chapter 10) - Sun 26 Feb 2023

Thank you for the update.....  Boy Sesshomaru seems to have forgotten what he'd done but then again he did have a facination with Kagome even if she didn't know it...  Hopefully in time they'll get along.  Got to say if she demand the well to take her to her friends this would never have happened.  I doubt the well works anymore.

Tai (Chapter 9) - Sun 27 Nov 2022

How interesting!! I hope there will be an update can't wait for more :)

Alexandria Biedron (Chapter 9) - Fri 25 Mar 2022

He doesn't even realize that he cares about her.  He really should then they can work passed her trauma and she can move on mentally.  I hope he keeps treating her good and this isn't just a birthday thing 

Valasaurus (Chapter 9) - Mon 21 Mar 2022

I'm just hoping she becomes comfortable with sess instead of staying in this half dead state

Kathy (Chapter 9) - Sun 20 Mar 2022

Im glad i found this story, I really like it. Its rough at some points but its over all sweet. cant wait to read more

witty (Chapter 9) - Fri 18 Mar 2022

I honestly hope that Kagome finds a way to get back to her time and stops this awful future from happening. While Sesshomaru is being "nice", she's still essentially his f*ckbuddy and toy and she's still incredibly traumatized.

This future is Hell on earth. 


*This is not criticism. I love your story, I just can't 'ship' sessxkag with such a power imbalance between the two of them.*

Tt (Chapter 9) - Fri 18 Mar 2022

Yay! Thanks for updating! Good to see some progress in the relationship 

SmilingFool (Chapter 9) - Thu 17 Mar 2022

Oh man that was good.  So the bad boys thought Sesshomaru committed the rape at least Kagome agreed with Sesshomaru and she knows he'd never hurt her.  But when she opened up I was hoping she told Sesshomaru more about what happened to her and who did it.  Perhaps Sesshomaru can use the ruse of wanting to save the girl that she might open up about it?  Anyways thank you for updating.  I love this story with all my being.... LOL  Anyways update soon would love to read more.

D (Chapter 8) - Thu 18 Nov 2021

Wow why is this story so good.?! The darkness done in suck a good way. I so in love with this story. I having hard time describing my love for how different but true to form that kagome and sesshomaru are written.  I excited to see their development and if doctor or police will be a hugh issue. The pace is wonderfully slow but fast perfect timing. Thank you and so ready for the next chapter.

Valasaurus (Chapter 8) - Fri 12 Nov 2021

Such a shame that she was in so deep that she can't even remember her birthday

Alexandria Biedron (Chapter 8) - Thu 11 Nov 2021

Weird I got an update for chapter 9 but it's not here? Is it a glotch with the chapter or the notification tabs there wasn't a new chapter yet?

Tai (Chapter 8) - Wed 20 Oct 2021

Interesting as always! Thanks for writing!

SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Wed 20 Oct 2021

Wow this was a great chapter Kagome is learning to become at ease with Sesshomaru just as long as he doesn't fuck up....  Then he'll be back at square one.  One thing is for sure once he learns who captured her there will be hell to pay.......  Knowing Sesshomaru he and Kagome both will enjoy teaching the fool more than a lesson....  Update soon...  loved it...

Update please (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Oct 2021

I really hope it doesn't end like that. It's painful but good. Stay safe 

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