Where We stand by Madam_CocoNut

Chapter 1

“Farewells can be shattering, but returns are surely worse. Solid flesh can never live up to the bright shadow cast by its absence. Time and distance blur the edges; then suddenly the beloved has arrived, and it's noon with its merciless light, and every spot and pore and wrinkle and bristle stands clear.” ― Margaret Atwood 





Ya know Kagome is going to be here tonight, right?”  

Sesshomaru glanced over at InuYasha  from his seat on the opposite side of the limo. “No, I did not know. Why would that interest me.” He turned to glance out the window to give off his disinterest.  

Giving a coy smile “I know It's been well over a year or two, or whatever since everything happened and you two don’t really have any contact. I just didn’t want you caught off guard.” 


“But I guess Kagura will be there to give you plenty of a distraction.”  InuYasha could practically taste the irritation radiating off of Sesshomaru. This made InuYasha beam with satisfaction. After Kagome and Sesshoumaru split no doubt by his mother's influence, he started dating Kagura at the behest of his mother.  To say the girl has been a nightmare would be an understatement. Even Sesshoumaru himself hides from her when she stops by the office. “Why in the world are you even with the wench still?” 

“Don't you think I have tried. She is an insufferable woman who can't take a hint. We went out two times at the request of mother. God only knows what she filled her head with.” Sesshomaru sneered “but do not concern yourself with me half-breed.”  

“Keh. Like I fucking care what you do in your spare time.” InuYasha rolled his eyes. Seeing they had arrived the two straightening up and buttoned their tuxes before exiting the vehicle.  

Sesshomaru noticed the absence of his father when they entered the ball room. Usually, he was at the entrance to greet people with Izayoi. “Where is father?”  

“Probably off somewhere with mom and Kagome. Knowing him trying to scare away all unmated males.” InuYash chuckled to himself. “It's funny how over protective the old man is. Just wait till Rin is of age. HAH” without a glance at his brother he walked off to find his own mate.  

Sesshomaru leisurely walked about the room to locate his father. Occasionally stopping to speak with clients or fellow members of the clan. This was one of the biggest events of the year that kicked off everyone's social calendars. Anyone who was anyone would be in attendance. The guest list ranged from all four of the cardinal lords, their clans, business partners and clients.  

30 minutes in and he found his father talking with a group of people and as InuYasha had said with Izayoi and Kagome on either side. All he could see was her backside but he knew it was her. Her calming aura and scent floated about and her laughter sang out. He did not approach, instead he stayed back to observe. She turned slightly bringing her hand to cover her mouth in a fit of laughter, he could now see her profile. The sight brought a slight upturn to his lip, a minimal crack in his stony façade.  

He took in what she was wearing. Her hair was wrapped up in a bun revealing the smooth creamy expanse if her neck. From what he could tell she had a few strands of curled hair to lightly frame her face and had diamond dangle earrings that would catch the light when she would move. She was in a midnight blue floor length grown that went to one shoulder and flowed into a drape that trailed behind her. It had silver pooling at the hem that scattered up the length that reminded him of the stars and a thin silver band around her waist. He couldn’t help but think how befitting it was for her; she was truly breath taking... like always.  

But he was not the only one with their gaze enwrapped in her. Sesshomaru steeled himself to make his way over. He had an excuse after all, his father was there. As he approached Kagome's gaze flicked over in his direction and they were both caught like always. He didn’t dare break the contact. She had a small smile on her face but she broke the contact almost as soon as it happened to turn her attention back to who she was talking too. This evoked a strange feeling in his chest.  

“Ah, my boy. You have finally arrived.” Togas charismatic voice boomed.  

“Father” Sesshoumaru gave a slight nod. “I have been looking for you.” 

“Well, you’ve seemed to have found me. Of course, with two of the three women of my life.” Toga winked and gave a wolfish grim. 

“TOGA!” Izayoi scolded “you old dog you.” 

“Well, my dear what else would I be. But that’s why you love me.” Kagome looked on bemused not at all bothered by Toga's antics. “Anyways I am glad you found me. We have a few things to announce but for now enjoy yourself. Can you keep your step mother company while I go get things going,”  

“Of course.”  

“Izayoi my love, I'll be back for you shortly. Kagome.” Toga kissed his wife's cheek and nodded in Kagome's directions before taking off.  

“Sesshomaru dear, you look very handsome tonight. Don't you think Kagome? I'm surprised your date, what was her name, oh yes Kagura isn't accompanying you. Where is she?” Kagome ignored the comment simply nodding in agreement.  

He knew exactly what she was up too and he knew she was fully aware that he was onto her and his father's scheming. “Hnn, I did not come with her so I am not sure where she is nor do I care.” Sesshomaru turned his attention back to Kagome. He noticed she had a crescent moon pendant at her shoulder gathering the fabric together. “Kagome.” 

Looking at him, there was a clash of gold and blue  “Sesshomaru.”  

He opened his mouth to say something more when he was interrupted by someone calling her name. “KAGOME!” he visibly saw her relax and heard her muttered thank goodness to herself.  

“Kikyo, InuYasha!” with a wide smile she hugged them both before looking behind them for no doubt their brood of children. “And where are the children? Not that I'm not happy to see you two but you know.”  

InuYasha spoke up “Mother, and well me and my mate decided to have a night out on the town together tonight.” 

“Your dress is magnificent. Where did you get it?” Kikyo inquired. 

“I don’t blame you, any time you want drop them off at the house id be more than happy to entertain them. And it's an original, a gift for tonight.” Kagome looked flustered and quickly changed the subject. “You look stunning as well. Red is truly your color.” But Sesshomaru didn't miss the blush that bloomed across her cheeks.  

Oh, really now... from whom might I ask?”  

Kagome cast her eyes down at the question. “Who do you think.” Both women shared a knowing smile. Sesshomaru sat as a silent bystander not included in their conversation and nor the one Izayoi was in either. He was seemingly forgotten. 

“Anyways” Inuyasha cut in “you'll see all the kids soon. The dinner is still on, right?” 

“Oh yes, Songo and Miroku is bringing their whole entourage of kids and a few other guests will have their kids so there won't be a shortage in play mates for everyone. I've already convinced your mom to bring one of her famous deserts. As of now it's still at the house too. Nothing like being welcomed home like a house full of loved ones. And before you ask, no I do not want you guys to bring anything. I want you guys to relax and enjoy yourselves.” 

“You are having a welcome home party? Are you moving back?” Sesshomaru inquired, his eyebrows pulling together. All eyes turned to him but he was not bothered by it. He could not help the questions that rolled from his mouth. 

“Well y-” 

Sessshomaruuu.” A short dark-haired woman purred and wrapped her arms around his waist. “There you are my dear.” 

Narrowing his eyes and stepping out of her embrace. “Kagura...” 

“Don't be rude, introduce me to your friend here. I swear he’s so shy when he wants to be.” she batted her eyes and flashed a smile looking at the individuals in the group stopping at Kagome. “You know, you look very familiar... have we met before?” 

InuYasha snickered. “Yeah, him shy... Yeah ri-” he received an elbow from his mate. “OW, woman” he hissed.  

Clearing her throat and reaching out a hand to her. “No, I do not believe so. It is nice to meet you. My name is Kagome, Kagome Higurashi.” 

That sounds so familiar.” 

“I work at their fathers law firm but I've been in England for the last couple of years.” 

“England that’s it! You are the Kagome Higurashi. The one on the cover of British Vogue magazine just recently!” 

uhhh... yeah” her blush deepened. “it's no big deal. Just a onetime thing that’s all.” 

Sesshomaru eyes slightly widened. “Don't be so modest, it is! You were the only human women to be a part of the project for a major Demon owned brand.  

“Yes Gome, you should be proud. I know we all are. Plus, you looked fabulous a usual.” Kikyo piped up. 

“Hnn, I did not know you had an interest in modeling. What was this project?” his intense stare trained on Kagome.  

“The Working woman. It was done by the fashion company of the northern lord. You know him Sesshomaru dear, Lord Haruki. What a fine golden Inu he is too. Can't even imagine why that silly mate of his would want a divorce.” Kagura tisked.  

“Um yes, that’s it. But no, I don’t and didn’t have an interest. We met through work and he was very persistent.” 

“Wait didn’t you date someone named Kagome also Sesshomaru?”  

K’Gome K’Gome.” a little wail and cry came from behind her when a little body collided with her legs.  

“Hiro? what's wrong honey?” Kagome stooped down to picked up the crying child. “What happened?” 

“Since when did you get a little brat of your own?” InuYasha remarked playfully. 

“Hiro you need to calm down. Where is your father?” 

“I-I don’t know. I J-Just saw you. But S-Shippo is just a meanie.” 

Sesshomaru looked on in bewilderment. So much information floating to him at once. Alarm bells began to ring at seeing the child cling to Kagome. “Shh there, there. Its ok, what did he do?” Kagome began to look him over for injuries.  

“Well speak of the devil himself.” InuYasha nodded his head in the direction behind Kagome.  

“Pup... what is the matter? I saw him run to you Kagome and came right over.” Haruki spoke softly. He placed a hand on her lower back and peered over at the pup in her arms.  

“He played a trick on me. That meanie! He pinned me to the ground with one of his little thingies.” Hiro pouted now more calmed down from Kagome's ministrations.  

Haruki quipped a brow looking to Kagome for clarification. “Hiro, that’s what foxies do. They are mischievous little tricksters. I mean he was just trying to have fun.” Kagome reminded softly, trying not to laugh. 

“Yeah... I guess...”  

With that settled Haruki looked up at everyone greeting them with a smile. “InuYasha, Kikyo its good to see you again, it's been a while. Sesshomaru, and you are miss?” 

“Well, hello” she drawled. “I am Kagura.” 

He gave a tight smile “Nice to meet you.”  

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine.” She purred and Sesshomaru couldn't help rolling his eyes.  

“Yes, well... anyways” 

“Haruki, I take it that this is your pup?” 

“Yes,” he beamed with a wide smile full of pride.  

“Hnn, haven't seen you at this function in some time.” He noticed how his hand remained on Kagome's back and the way she looked at him. The softness of her features. Once upon a time he had that look from her. 

“Guilty, but I have business to take care of for the clan.” He turned his focus back to Kagome who had let down the pup but held on to his hand. “You look ravishing tonight if I do say so myself. I am glad you liked my present and it looks better than I even envisioned. I must admit I saw you from afar but up-close... what a sight it is to behold.” looking to his son “Pup, why don’t you go find the kit. I am sure all will be forgiven. I promise we won't stay longer than necessary tonight.”   

Kagome was at a loss for words while Kikyo sipped her champagne with a cheeky grin and winked at Kagome mouthing “keeper”. “T-thank you Haruki. I love it, it fits like a glove too. You look handsome yourself.” 

“You are quite the charmer Lori Haruki. I should have known that was one of your works. I am fan of your work. You know I model a little myself if you are ever in need.”  Sesshomaru had a look of exasperation as did InuYasha.  

“I'll keep that in mind.” Haruki replied out of kindness not wanting to be rude. He made a mental note to keep his distance form this woman going forward. 

Needing to get away Kagome went to Kikyo and looped her arm through her. “I am parched, accompany me?”  

The look on InuYasha face begged them not to leave him alone. “Yes, why not.” It was every man for themselves.  

“Oh, look at the time I think dad needs me at the the.. Place. See you later.” InuYasha quicky stormed off.  

“I'll find you later Kagome. Don’t forget you owe me a dance after all.” Haruki winked at her and nodded his head at Sesshomaru to bid a goodbye.  

“How could one forget! I'll hold you too it.” she called after him. Kagome turned to Kikyo to Wisper in her ear. “Man, you wasn’t joking, she is awful. I see why you call complaining all the time.” The two women went into a fit of giggles. Sesshomaru who heard what she said couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped him.  

“It's just the two of us now. Izayoi seems preoccupied. Why don’t we go dance.” 

“Kagura, your presence is not needed or wanted.” without a glance he walked off.  

Kagura flashed a smile to the on lookers watching the altercation and fished out her fan. Flaring it open to fan herself.  She called out “I'll find you later!” when someone tapped her on the shoulder. When she looked back, she came face to face with Izayoi.  

“A word of advice my dear, he’s not interested, move on.” and she flashed a smile and walked in the direction of Sesshomaru.  

“Ugh!” snapping her fan closed, Kagura stomped off.  




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